Essence of Life


I use to consider coffee as the essence of life.  Then it was photography.  Now it might be coffee again considering that I’m drinking my 5th cup of the morning as I write this.

  • Does life move in circles?
  • Does a tree make a sound when it falls in the forest if there is no one there to hear it?
  • Is photography a valid hobby if I don’t shoot in a studio and I don’t travel anywhere new?

I started out wanting to record my travels.  Then as I traveled less and less, but recognized that I needed a better camera when I traveled, I started buying and trying and selling lots of different cameras and lenses.  Then as the price of photography gear got more and more expensive and my income stayed relatively flat, I stopped obsessing over gear and concentrated on becoming a better photographer and learning how to better process my images.

Now I’m not as sure about what comes next.  Being an amateur photographer without a subject to photograph is an oxymoron.  I am now using a Leica X2 to take pictures like the above.

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