Cool, Damp, & Dreary

It was cool, damp, and dreary when I took a walk this afternoon.  I didn’t see many outside.  What I did see were the ducks sitting in a pool of water in the middle of a field, the honeysuckle blooming, and the umbrellas up but no one sitting under them.

I used my effective 35 mm lens to make these pictures.  I was looking to see what I could make that was different from what others around here might be inclined to make.  I also wanted to get some more data to help me decide whether I want to primarily just use a 35 mm lens rather than a DSLR with a longer focal length zoom lens.

I am still dithering about what to do with my photography and whether or not to continue making images here on the grounds that mostly just describe what I see along with the changing weather, etc. while not photographing people.