Things to be Seen


I am still undecided about whether I should limit my blog posts and pictures to only specific things on an infrequent basis or to just show the typical, everyday things I see walking or driving around Hanover on a more frequent basis.  I will probably go for the variety of posts and post as I see something.

I was trying a new technique while driving through town yesterday when I took the above picture.  Note things like the gas meter right on the sidewalk, the placement of the railings on the steps (obviously an afterthought), the peeling paint on the steps, the smiley face in the window, the creed on the door, the flag in the window, the statue in the window, the location of the lights on either side of one window rather than the door, the air conditioner hanging out the window, and the different bricks in the wall.

Based on the windows, the width of the steps, and the replacement bricks above the windows, I would assume that at one time this was a storefront.  I can even image folks sitting on the steps to keep cool on hot summer days before air conditioning.  Maybe those were the good-ole days, at least for this building.  One has to wonder what is inside behind those white curtains.