Small Sensor Advantages

There are three advantages for me keeping and using my small sensor Lumix LF1 camera.  Number one, it is small and fits in a pocket … a small pocket, and is very easy to carry.  Second, it has lots of depth of field … more of the scene, from front to back, is in focus.  Third, it has a pretty good macro focus capability for taking pictures of flowers, etc. up close.

I have worked on developing a preset for processing my pictures.  I used it in the last two posts and the other evening I remembered that I hadn’t yet tried the preset (development style for use with LR6 on raw images) with my little Lumix LF1.  The images above are a set of test images that I made to try it on.  I treated these images exactly the way the pictures in the last two posts were treated and sized for my blog.  I was amazed in how well the images turned out considering that the camera has such a small sensor.  Just so you realize, the lamp and the flower pictures were taken at the maximum equivalent zoom of 200mm.

Someone needs to remind me to use this camera more often.  I have had times, when my back or hands were really bothering me and I had trouble carrying and using a heavier camera, that I thought if necessary, I could manage to make images just with the LF1.  It is an excellent little 12 MP camera that can take jpeg or raw images, fits in my shirt pocket, has an equivalent focal range of 28 – 200mm, and focuses at real close distances (1.2 inches).