On the Appalachian Trail

A few days ago we went up to Boiling Springs, PA.  We went there to eat in the Tavern and to see the Appalachian Trail where it crosses through the area.  Since most of PA is farm land, the trail isn’t like along the ridge tops of the hills in VA, etc.  In this area the trail goes through farmer’s fields.

150617-111213_Boiling Springs

If you look closely above, you can see a hiker in the middle on the trail.  I enlarged that portion so you can see it easier … shown below.

150617-111213_Boiling Springs-2


Following are some more pictures.  They are in gallery mode so don’t forget to click on one of them and view them larger.

For those who are interested, I took these pictures with a prime equivalent 36 mm focal length lens with my old Leica X2.  It is hard to see the LCD in the sunshine but it has a great lens and is small and easy to carry.  I got it because it has a large APS size sensor in a very small minimalist body.