Old Family Pictures

I have been spending some time scanning and saving old family pictures that my brother has collected.  This is a picture of my grandfather, B. A. Hall, on my mother’s side.  It was taken in Webster County, West Virginia in 1918.  I am scanning the fronts and backs separately, one after the other, and keeping them together.  Later after I have finished scanning them all (like above), I will “fix” some of them that have major flaws; but I don’t intend to make major changes to them since I want to retain the character of the originals.  I will finally join the fronts and backs into a single image so that the character and information on the backs is retained along with the photograph.

Many of the original pictures are quite small.  For example the one I’m showing here is only 3 inches high, but some are as small as 1 inch.  I am trying in these cases to change the resolution so that the final image can be shown larger.  It is obvious that someone trimmed the pictures.  They may have been trimming off the borders but in so doing they sometimes cut off part of the writing on the backs.  I am retaining the character of the information … including the spelling errors, handwriting, etc.  Some even have conflicting information on them and I want to save all the information.  I intend to finally make copies of all of this information and distribute it to multiple family members in different locations to ensure that it survives for future generations.