I was looking out the window toward the east on a dreary rainy morning at 6:27 am when I took this picture with the Nikon 1 J5 and the 30 – 110 mm lens and a one-inch sensor.  What did you expect?  I was/am quite pleased with this camera’s image capabilities under such conditions, considering the small size of the sensor.

Why do I care about such a photo?  I usually get tired of taking and working on pictures of scenes that most people seem to expect.  It seems to me that most people around me, or those looking at my blog, prefer pretty bright flower or wildlife pictures.  Those pictures are OK, but they don’t do much for me.  I like images of common things seen differently or of things not normally photographed, and I like them dark.  I am attracted to different scenes that have some black in them and that are taken in low light.  Some have taken to calling it my dark side.

In the past I always thought that I needed cameras with larger sensors and faster lenses to record such scenes.  Those systems are larger, heavier, and more expensive than the little Nikon 1 J5.  I didn’t expect the little J5 to perform as it does.  My expectations were wrong.  I got the camera and 30 – 110 mm lens to use in bright light outside.  Now I am thinking about using it for other things, as long as I can use it for scenes in which I can control the noise.  Some such uses would be for B&W images with a little grain or for images like above where I’m not looking for details while extensively cropping.