Using the Nikkor CX 30 – 110 mm Lens Inside


I took this test image inside at ISO 3200 at 1/80 sec. and f/5.6 at 110 mm focal length with the Nikon 1 J5 camera.  That was at the extreme end of the little lens.  The image quality isn’t great but certainly useable for most of my applications.  I experimented using different settings but found that these were the best settings when I was photographing in shutter mode.

In the past with other cameras, I often found that I had problems with the white balance (WB) when photographing in this location, but that wasn’t the case with this camera.  That was another pleasant surprise for me.  Use of this camera and lens in this manner goes against the guidance of others, but with this new sensor in the J5 and by shooting in raw format and then working the images in LR6 I am finding that a lot is possible.

The question facing me now is “Do I use the Nikon 1 camera instead of my Canon 70D for my Homewood photography?”  It is a lot smaller and easier to carry around; but the issue is “Does the increased versatility of being able to use a long zoom lens offset the effects of a small sensor?”