My Desires


If I followed my desires, I would like to be more like Saul Leiter in both what I photograph as well as his approach to photography.  But since I don’t have similar street scenes to photograph, I need to find other things to photograph.

Another problem is a conflict in focal length.  Saul used longer focal lengths to compress the scenes; which I also like to do; but, I find cameras like my X2 with a prime lens more to my liking from a usability perspective.  If I want to photograph more like Saul I will need to use one of my other cameras with a longer lens.

It primarily comes down to finding enough things to photograph.  I like to take pictures and have tended to photograph whatever I see with a range of cameras.

PS, I photographed the above picture while sitting in my lounge chair thinking about my Leica X2 and what to photograph.  That is a picture of a nice cold glass of ice tea that I took with the Leica X2.