Which Camera, Which Lens


The above picture appealed to me for more about what it made me think about than the actual subject.  The cane in the foreground, the rain drops on the mini, the light, the beer we were drinking, etc. got me thinking about Ireland even though I was sitting in downtown Hanover, PA.

I have often thought about, but never implemented, the idea of walking and/or driving about town with an effective 50 mm lens.  I have also always preferred a small, unobtrusive camera when walking or driving around town.  Since I have the small Nikon 1 J5 and the 18.5 mm f/1.8 prime lens for it, I might use it for such purposes.  Its best use is for shooting from within the car or from inside a building since the LCD is well shaded at those times.

I took the above picture one evening with the J5 and the 10 – 30 mm lens.  The image was made at a focal length of 19.7 mm (effective 53 mm) at f/4.5 and then cropped.  While sitting here in my chair and thinking about 50 mm images with the J5, I looked back through my older pictures and found the above.  It was taken from inside through a window after a rain in medium light.  My purpose for looking at this image was to see how well it cropped and worked for a high contrast B&W image.  I really liked the image quality and my ability to work with the raw files.  The small one-inch sensor has continued to amaze me.

Since I also prefer to take pictures in lower light around sunrise and sunset as well as in inclement weather, I might use this lens … especially this fall.  The J5 with the 18.5 mm faster prime lens could be ideal for such photography along with the one-inch sensor’s greater depth of field when shooting from a weather-protected environment.  But I haven’t made a decision.

The above picture and my interests in photography in inclement weather and my thoughts back to Ireland have me thinking of the past with a twist.  In Ireland I used a micro 4/3 camera mostly with an effective 40 mm focal length pancake lens.  I am now thinking about a different approach for a walk-about, drive-about camera and lens.  I have ordered the weather proof Olympus E-M5 along with the Olympus M.Zuiko ED 14-150mm f/4-5.6 II Lens which is dust and splash proof.  The quality of the files from a one-inch sensor aroused my interest in trying the larger micro 4/3 sensor again.