Morning Walks with the Leica X2


I prefer to take a camera with me when I walk with Misty, but don’t always do it.  The picture above will give you an idea why I often leave it behind.  I can only take pictures when Misty stops and she often doesn’t want to stop for long where I want to stop.  When I took the above picture I had my Leica X2 hanging around my neck.  I used my right hand to take a one-handed picture with the Leica X2 while I had Misty’s leash attached to my left wrist with my cane in my left hand.

Later on my second walk I took the following picture through a window while walking to the stores to inventory milks and teas and place an order.  I still had the cane and Leica X2, but not Misty.  You can see my reflection, etc. in the window.  I had a red shirt on.