Mini Projects

While getting ready for two Homewood events/trips this week where I have been asked to take pictures, I have been working off and on refining one technique that I like more and more.  It is the above style of pictures.

I have been looking for a project that fits my local environment and I might have found a new one.  I have noticed many leaves and other small objects on the ground as I walk.  I have picked some up and took them home to photograph and others I have photographed on the ground.  I think I like what I can do with then better if I bring them home to photograph.  I am still experimenting with different lenses and lighting but at the moment, the above represent my latest results.  One potential use for these pictures might be for prints.  I am thinking about printing those around four inches square and displaying groups of 4 to 8 in one frame; but this assumes I make a set I like.

To make the above I have put the objects on a one-foot square piece of white foam board and lighted them with two LED lamps that I have.  I still hope to figure out a way, and location, to set my lights up where I can leave them out and take the pictures quicker.  I may need to look for some smaller lights, etc.  I then developed a sepia preset to quickly make the above.  I may tweak it some more since it is a work in progress.

Since I am photographing two different Homewood events this week I may or may not display some pictures from them; but, I’ll see if I can get some suitable pictures for the blog.  Since I will be busy working on the event pictures I may not be posting regularly this week.

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