No Philosophy


I was a planner.  During my career I looked to the future and tried to help technologists develop the best technology to meet future needs.  Today I am having difficulty in deciding what I want to achieve with my photography.

In the past my overall theme started out with travel photography, it then changed to be about camera gear and about whatever these old eyes saw.  I now would like to do something different.  In my search I asked myself what I like in pictures.

I like pictures that were taken in a time when life was less complex.  I like more minimalistic pictures.  I like abstract images, but at the same time I have to be realistic of what is available to me to photograph.  In terms of photographers, I like Saul Leiter.

If I stop taking pictures to test, or try new cameras and lenses, I don’t know why I will photograph or what I hope to achieve.  I thought I needed another theme, or objective, or purpose; but maybe not.  Maybe I should just photograph for myself like Saul Leiter did in the later stages of his life.  Saul said “I go out to take a walk, I see something, I take a picture.  I take photographs.  I have avoided profound explanations of what I do.”  Saul walked and photographed in the same New York neighborhood for around 40 years and did it in the same style.

I have been finding that photography is all about the moment, about now, today.  Not tomorrow.  I have decided that I will take pictures of whatever I see around me when I feel like it and then either craft them into an article for my blog or just post some pictures, or just trash the pictures.  My philosophy will be no philosophy for the time being … until I figure something else out.