Gladfelter from the Bus; i.e. Road Photography

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Gladfelter is a paper manufacturing plant not too far from where I live.  I took the above pictures through the Homewood bus window as we drove by the plant.  For those who are wondering why I took these pictures, you can read below.

Whenever I travel on a bus, I am often intrigued by what I see sitting up high and not having to concentrate on doing the driving.  I see things I would never see while driving my car.  But there are problems when photographing through a window from a moving vehicle.  To get the above images I set the aperture at f/8 and the shutter at 1/500 sec. and let the ISO shift automatically as needed while using my X-T1 camera and the 18 mm lens.  That gave me the depth of field that I wanted and stopped the motion blur well enough.  The thing I didn’t attempt to really do much about was window glare or reflections.  They lend character and help establish the environment from which the pictures were taken.

Other than for the above mentioned experiment, I am considering doing more with a documentary style in taking pictures of events, travels, etc. associated with life here at Homewood.  The above images were from a recent trip that the Men’s Group took to York, PA.  Hopefully, some of those who couldn’t go will be able to look at these pictures.  I will have more trip pictures in subsequent posts.