Walking with a 27 mm Lens

I am trying to get back in the habit of taking a camera (my Fuji X-T1) with me on some of my walks as fall approaches.  The lightest setup is if I use the 27 mm lens on it, but that might not be the best lens for such walks.  I used the 27 mm lens to make the above images, but I might use the 60 mm lens in the future when walking and looking to capture details.

The biggest constraint, other than size and weight, in using the 60 mm lens is the wind.  It is often windy here and the plants are always swaying in the wind.  With the 60 mm lens, the depth of field is less and it is harder to focus on insects, etc. if they are moving.  Since I even had trouble with the above pictures using the 27 mm lens, I might continue to use the 27 mm rather than the 60 mm except for when the wind isn’t blowing.

I prefer to walk early in the day before the winds increase, but if I can’t, I might have to try the 60 mm lens with manual focusing and take multiple images and hope to get an image that is in focus.  The preference for some photographers when using a macro lens is to use a tripod and focus manually, but that is of little value if the subject is moving.