Better then Heaven, Blackwater Falls Cabins

Over the years we have stayed in many of the cabins, but this was the first time in Cabin 2.  The cabins may be old but they have been kept in good shape.  We like these cabins a lot with their fireplaces, nightly visits by mice, deer, and according to the warnings, occasionally bear; but I haven’t seen any at the cabins.  The enjoyment of staying in the cabins trumps any modern hotel anytime of the year.

Pictures don’t do the sense of staying there justice.  To get the full enjoyment you would need to smell the leaves, the moss, and the smoke, but mostly the cleanliness and freshness of the air.  You would need to be able to breathe deeply, and don’t forget the sounds.  It is more the absence of sounds other than the sound of the falling leaves, the crows, the other birds, and the occasional deer running through the forest.  It is a very peaceful place with no phones, no TV, and no internet.

I am ready to go back.  In fact, I would prefer to live in one of the cabins year round, even with the 120 to 150 inches of snow that they get in the winter.  I remember staying in a cabin there with the snow and the wind when the temperature was 10 degrees below zero.

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