Works for Me

Not Sharp

Do pictures always need to be sharp or clear and in focus or bright and colorful?  For me the answer is no.  The above is an example of such a picture.  I focused on the reflection of the coffee cup one morning using a 60 mm prime lens at an aperture of f/2.4.  It works for me.

I am sometimes at odds with others.  It started when I was trying different lenses, settings, etc. on common everyday items close by.  The above is in my computer room.  I often take pictures just to see how they will work during processing and pass by the normal scenic scenes.

After I started taking pictures of most anything, I started preferring images that others probably wouldn’t take.  As a consequence I lost my interest in documentary type images … those that I call snapshots.  I mostly look for images that might be fun to process or ones that are more representative of emotions and feelings.  I also like a little variety in what I photograph and that gets harder and harder to do so I have to keep trying different ways of photographing the same things around me.

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