Pine & Popular Streets, Hanover PA

I am considering taking more pictures around Hanover, PA where I live, but doing it a little differently than in the past.  What I am thinking of doing is occasionally going to an intersection or street and just taking pictures of how it looked when I was there.  I am considering a purely documentary style and making the images as accurate as I can to show what I saw and how it really looked.

A documentary style is not something that I have enjoyed doing in recent years; but I have run out of ideas as to what to photograph.  While my travel pictures back in the early days of my photography were of a documentary style, more recently I switched to taking my pictures in raw formant and then enjoyed processing them to emphasize the natural beauty as I saw it.  I used this process for my own pictures and reserved the documentary style for my pictures of Homewood events, etc.; but, I have pretty much run out of ideas for natural beauty pictures around here, at least for the winter, so I am looking for alternatives.

I have also been reading various books lately to get ideas for my photography.  I’ll probably be writing about some of the books later this winter.  One thing that I have tried to do as I read was to think back about what my strengths were as well as what I enjoyed in photography.  One of those that kept coming to the top was my compositions.  I think I have a good eye for seeing what others often overlook, or at least don’t pay much attention to.

Another of my strengths is my ability to utilize my Light Room software to adjust the raw images.  Working with the above images, I discovered that I can still do that since some adjustment of the raw image is still required to achieve reality in the pictures.

Will I continue with the Hanover pictures?  Probably.  Above all else, I have this “need” to keep taking pictures and since I don’t travel much I have to exercise all possibilities.  Another factor in my decision to go this way arises from my current camera and set of prime lenses.  They are ideally suited for this type of photography.  The above pictures are almost all that I took at that location, and I’m showing them to you to give you an understanding of what is available.  If I continue with this idea for a year or so, and get enough good ones, I might consider using the best in a book … just an idea now.