Slowing Down

I am going to take some pauses from blogging and posting pictures frequently while I give some more thought to how I will implement some changes I’m thinking about.  During part of this time I will be going back to WV, and maybe even get some more pictures.  The above were taken at Lindy Point last October.

I am contemplating making some changes in my involvements here at Homewood as well as with my pictures and blog.  I’m ready for a change but haven’t made many decisions other than I want to simplify things.

My ever-changing perspective on life and my blog may result in a change of theme for my blog as well as other things.  Since I expect these changes to take some time and preparation, you might not see all of them for a while.

One likely change is to stop posting images a day or so after I take them.  I would like to take more time to edit them and try to make images that are more “timeless”.  I will also probably not post as frequently.  My uncertainty about some of the changes is one reason for my slow-down since I need time to work-out the details.