Holiday Pictures

The holiday happenings have started, but so far, I haven’t gone out to start photographing them.  It is dark, dreary, foggy, drizzling, and cool (some would say cold); but I will have to eventually go out since I have five scheduled events that I have been asked to photograph in the next three weeks.

151130-181518_15JEHI took the first picture last night from inside looking through a double pained window with reflections.  I was checking out some camera/lens details.  The second picture was taken inside as I was noticing that the LED decorative lights appeared to blink or flicker when viewed through my electronic view finder (EVF).  151130-181731_15JEHLED lights shouldn’t flicker since they are DC devices but apparently in the conversion of the 60 cycle AC current to DC there was a pulse and the frequency was such that the EVF refresh frequency saw it.  Don’t worry if you see it in your camera.  It didn’t seem to affect the picture which was taken at a shutter speed of 1/70 sec.