The Line Up


These Mallards were a good ways off down at the edge of the pond.  I took this picture from my porch using a zoom lens that I purchased.  So far I have used prime lenses to keep the weight and size of my camera plus lens to a minimum; but, I used the Fuji 50 – 230 mm zoom lens at the 230 mm focal length to make this image.  The lens is the longest in the Fuji line-up but it is only an XC lens; i.e. it isn’t one of their best lenses but it is light-weight and relatively low in cost.

Getting this lens means that my line-up of lenses is increasing faster than my opportunities to use them.  I now have the XF 18 mm, XF 28 mm, XF 35 mm, and XF 60 mm prime lenses, and the XC 50 – 230 mm zoom lens.  I prefer the prime lenses and will primarily use the zoom lens for images made not far from my car.  I used it to make the previous night images.