Holiday Open House

I have been taking pictures for other uses than on my blog.  Yesterday we had an open house down in the personal care section of Homewood at Plum Creek.  At the moment I am processing over 200 pictures that I took over a two-hour session.  I still have a few more activities to photograph this year, but first I need to finish processing and delivering yesterday’s pictures.   Above are two of the pictures that I can post.

The activities were spread all around the buildings so I did a bit of walking round and round from one entertainment or refreshment station to another.  I used two prime lenses on my X-T1, the 18 mm and the 35 mm.  The majority of my pictures were taken with the 35 mm lens at f/2 and 1/125 sec.  I let the ISO float for exposure adjustments.  Since I was doing a great deal of walking I used my cane in one hand with the camera in the other with the strap wrapped around my wrist.  It all went very well and I enjoyed the opportunity.