A New Year

100417-113324_TunisiaI haven’t been taking pictures for a while since I haven’t been doing much of anything.  I got a cold which then progressed into Bronchitis so I haven’t been doing much except coughing and staying home for the last two weeks; but, I have tried to use this time to think about what I might do differently with my photography and this blog.

Over the years I have realized that I don’t enjoy making pictures similar to what many take.  I don’t like what I call “snap-shots” of recognizable scenes like I have primarily taken in the past while on vacation.  But while I didn’t like them as much in recent years, I kept dropping back and taking them just to have some images to put in my blog.  I must also profess that I sometimes take them since I know they are what some others expect to see.

While I doubt that I will make many changes in my photography, I am going to try to concentrate more often on details, abstracts, mini-landscapes, etc.  For example, when taking pictures on the streets of Hanover, I am going to try to make images of details and views that most might not recognize or ever take themselves.  If I am on the streets during a parade, I will concentrate on getting street scenes of the people and try to capture the uniqueness of reactions, dress, emotions, etc.  Around where I live, I will look for details of flowers, etc. rather that an overall image of some one’s flower-filled garden.

Another change that I will push a little further is to separate my personal photography from my photography for Homewood events, etc.  I haven’t finished thinking through the impact of this differentiation on my blog.  My guess is that I will primarily provide my Homewood pictures directly to the staff and not put them on my blog.  I have been going in this direction over the last year.  I may still show documentary type pictures of trips off of the campus, but even these will probably decline in number. Another aspect of this differentiation that I need to deal with is that most of my pictures lately have been for Homewood and not for my personal use.

All of these possible changes will have an impact on my blog.  One of the reasons I put some pictures on my blog in the past was just to have something to post.  I found that I had succumbed to the urge to keep posting as often as I could, even if I didn’t have a picture I liked and/or didn’t have anything to say.  I will try to change this and post only when I have a picture I would like to share, even if it means long irregular gaps in my posts.

None of these changes are revolutionary.  They are all trends that I have gradually been pursuing in my photography for some time.  I will continue letting my photography evolve slowly.  What I haven’t mentioned are changes in my message, or what I will write about.  This area is still wide open.  Looking back over the years I have found that I enjoyed writing some posts as much or more than showing my pictures.  I am still thinking about whether I wish to express more of my opinions or keep them to myself.  We will have to wait and see what I do.

In case you are wondering, I chose to show the above picture which I took on a narrow street somewhere in Tunisia for several reasons.  First, the obvious.  It is a small detail of a wall which could exist anywhere.  Second it relates to how I thought about my changes for this coming year.  Will I just keep plastering over, and repainting the old, or is it time to tear it down and start over.  I started out with the idea to totally start over with my blog and photography this year, but I finally decided to go slow and keep plastering.

Yes, I changed “the look” of my blog.  This was necessary to have it display better on tablets and smartphones as well as on computers.  I hope you now find it easier to view.