Another Camera

I finally gave in and got another camera, but a more useful one.  I got an Apple iPhone 6, and used it to take the above pictures.  I wanted to see how easily I could move the pictures to my MacBook and work with them in LR.  I found that it was easy and quick; but there doesn’t seem to be many reasons for importing them into LR.  The Apple jpegs are quite good.  Other than for converting one to B&W to see how much I could do with it in LR, the only things I did to the above was crop them.  They have all been cropped since I almost always seem to crop my images.

I wanted a quick set of images to see how the camera performed in conditions I often take pictures.  It was early this morning and it was foggy.  It seems to have done a great job in low light with lots of dynamic range, and had very little noise in the image.  In addition, it seems to have a practical focal length for walking about, and it works well for reasonable close-ups as well as distance.  I also wanted to post them to see how they looked on the web when I published them the same as my other pictures.

When the weather improves I will take some comparison pictures with my X-T1 and TG-4 to see how they compare.  I also want to try some more extensive adjustments with the pictures.  We will be seeing these comparisons sometime later.

My initial reaction is that I now see why people have quit buying P&S cameras with small sensors and using smartphones instead.  This might surprise you since I have been moving to smaller cameras; one issue I have is that the iPhone 6 is too hard to hold, and it seems delicate.  My next purchase will be a good case to protect it and also make it a little easier to grasp and pull out of a pocket without dropping it.

I will have to wait for further comparison images to make up my mind, but I’m starting to wonder how many people are only publishing smart phone pictures in their blogs … or will be in the near future.  I am not saying the pros will who are making art pictures for print, but that more and more travel images and lifestyle images will be posted from smartphones.  Notice my title says, “Another Camera”.  I only use my cellphone for emergencies so I really purchased the iPhone 6 to experiment with using it for an “always in-the-pocket” camera.