In the Future

From now on, or at least for a while, I won’t be mentioning which camera I used to make pictures, except from a “handling perspective.”  More on that a little further down.

I used both the Apple iPhone 6 and the Fuji X-T1 with the 27 mm lens to make many images of a single bird’s nest.  I then moved the images into LR6 CC and adjusted them somewhat independently.  My primary objective was to learn how the different images handled with respect to tweaking them so I moved a lot of sliders, etc. as I played with them.  I then created the monochrome images with Silver Efex Pro.  The above are two sets of a few of the images.

Throughout the exercise I continued to forget which camera was used to create which one, and I had to keep going back and check to make sure I was working with images from both cameras in the creation of the above pairs. When working with the images, the biggest difference was the number of pixels I had to work with, and thus how much I could crop.  The differences between working with a jpeg image and a raw file were slight.  They are different and they have different characteristics with respect to coloring, etc. in addition to the differences in focal lengths, depth-of-field, etc.

The primary difference other than lens and size is in their handling or what I call usability.  It is nice to be able to have a camera in your pocket, most of the time.  One of the unexpected major differences for me was the focal length effects.  I am referring to the fact that while out walking, I found that the small lightweight iPhone was often a “back breaker.”  If I wanted to get an image of a leaf on the ground, I had to bend down low to the ground.  This is not a pain-free easy exercise for me.  In the future if I am out looking for up-close details, I will try to take the X-T1 with a longer focal length lens so that I don’t need to bend as much.

Due to the superb controls, interchangeable lenses, larger sensor, etc. I will try to use my X-T1 for my “intentional photography”; but, I have no qualms about pulling my iPhone 6 out of my pocket to make images of opportunity.  In addition, I will use my iPhone whenever I can’t, or don’t wish to, carry my X-T1, and/or when I wish to produce a series of images from just the iPhone.