Is the Same Insane?

160111-154348-16JEH-Edit-2I keep searching for new ideas in my photography … something to give me focus and guide me in the direction of making more images, but I don’t seem to have had much success.  I feel like I have been just hanging on like this cup without making any forward progress.  Maybe it is because I have expected too much, but it is also because I haven’t been exposing myself to the right new things.

Trying different cameras and lenses, trying different styles, studying different photographers to see what they do, or looking for new subjects isn’t going to accomplish what I’m looking for.  None of these paths have been very fruitful other than to give me some variety in how I photographed.  A better way of looking at photography is that it is just a tool for expressing something.  To solve my problem, I need to decide what it is I want to show or express.  That means that I should look beyond photography.  I have known this for a while but I seem to keep getting side-tracked with what others are looking at and doing within photography.

One solution is to just accept what I have been doing.  I have enjoyed photography as I indirectly told my story, the day-to-day views of what I saw.  I probably will continue doing that, but I have hoped for more.  One of my personal characteristics is that I like change and get bored quickly and I have had a hard time finding new things to photograph.  I have lived here at Homewood now for over four years and photographed most everything.  I might just wait for spring and start photographing the same things, but nothing is the same.  Each flower, each sunrise, etc. is always slightly different; but, wasn’t it Einstein who said that “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity”.