Getting Out

My biggest problem with getting pictures of the snow was getting out of our Villa.  As you can see in these pictures, most of our windows and doors were banked with snow and we could not get them open.  I had to push the snow out of the way with the door even on our most protected porch in order to get the front door open for Misty.

I waited until Sunday noon to take the picture looking out the east facing garage door.  The heat of the sun had melted it some up against the door and the winds had scoured much of it away.  I fell in the snow twice while trudging through it earlier to reach the plowed road, but I held my camera up above the snow.  The snow at the end of the driveway had been piled up by the contractors and was hard to get through.  In the past the contractors usually cleared the driveway and our front walk overnight, but I still haven’t seen them (8 am, Monday 25 Jan).  Addendum:  They cleared our driveway right after I posted.

We have drifts in the back that look to be about 5 feet high but I haven’t been able to get around there to get pictures.

Marcia bought an electric snow blower this year just so she could clear a path for Misty to take care of her business.  The path (below) goes out the front door and circles around behind the shrubs.  The snow wasn’t as deep there since it was being blow away; but that also meant that she had to clear it over and over every 2 or 3 hours while it was snowing since the path kept filling up.  Unfortunately, the blower is too small to use to clear a path to the street or out the back doors.  Maybe we should have gotten a larger one, but that is something I didn’t think we would need living here.  With global warming and wild swings in the weather I might have to revisit the issue of snow removal along with other potential issues like long-term power outages, etc.