Tuesday Afternoon, Some Still Trapped

Early Tuesday afternoon I walked around to see how the digging-out was going.  It hadn’t progressed very fast.  It looked to me like the contractor let us down and didn’t have sufficient manpower or equipment.  I know the contractor in past years did a great job.  I’m not sure what happened this year.  I saw little contractor equipment or manpower and no way into some Villas.

Fortunately, our grounds staff had pretty much finished their section of the campus so they came up to bail out the contractor and get folks dug out.  As you can see in the above pictures, some Villas hadn’t seen any help yet.  Another thing I noticed was that residents, who really shouldn’t have been out shoveling, were out digging themselves out.

I will also be the first to admit that none us of us should have been out.  I wanted to get out and about to take pictures for the residents, etc.; but, I fell twice.  The first day it was in waist deep snow when I was trying to get back into my Villa and no harm was done other than to exhaust me trudging through the snow.  The second time, yesterday while out taking these pictures, I fell on the slick pavement and injured my thumb.  The thumb will heal and I was glad that the camera didn’t hit the pavement; but, I doubt that I will be taking many more pictures any time soon.

I’m told that our staff finished getting a path to all garages by late yesterday.  I am also fairly confident that next year’s contract will be changed and a path to each garage door will be the number two priority.  The number one priority is keeping at least one lane open on all roads so that emergency vehicles can get around.  That appeared to be the case this year.  The number two priority, a path to each garage door, needs to be added so that folks can get out to the street to be picked up by transportation, out to walk their dogs, for the nurses to get inside the Villas, and so meals can be more easily delivered.