Another Shift Smaller

Since I rarely use pictures of people in my blog, and might stop using any, and since I am running out of ideas for my photography, I might shift to showing more details and closer images.

Another change I have been thinking about is shifting to become more of a minimalist with my photography and in other aspects of my life.  Earlier I reduced the number of cameras I had and professed that I wanted to try and use just one, and that one was my Fujifilm X-T1 with mostly prime lenses.  So far that camera has worked out well for all of my photography of Homewood events and happenings; but after moving to that one camera, I back-tracked and bought an Olympus TG-4 to have a pocket camera that also worked for close-up details.

The Olympus is great for being a small, fit in almost any pocket, waterproof, dustproof, shock resistant camera with 4X zoom.  The problem is that it has one of the smallest sensors and the image quality is limited.  I used it to make the above pictures; but is it good enough for other things?

Since I take most of my pictures while out and about the campus while walking or doing chores in the house or while driving to local stores, I would like a camera that is still small enough to slip into a jacket pocket but that also has better image quality.  At the moment, I am looking for a one-inch or micro 4/3 sensor camera that is small, takes close-ups, has some zoom capability, and is affordable.  It doesn’t have to be waterproof and shock resistant, and though I like having a view finder, that isn’t a requirement.  If I find such a camera, I might get it and try it for more of my personal photography and use the X-T1 for my serious photography and my Homewood photography that doesn’t make it to my blog.