Visual Diaries

160205-123042-16JEHI often think about what to photograph as well as, why photograph.  During one of my mental excursions it dawned on me that an iPhone 6 would make an excellent camera to use while keeping a visual diary.  As an example, I have been spending more of my time sorting through old pictures and picking out a few to print.  This is a picture of one of my latest prints from some pictures that I took in Ireland with a small Olympus E-PL2 camera and the Panasonic 20 mm prime lens back in 2011 before I moved to Homewood.

You might have noted that the picture was taken with an earlier version of the camera that I am now thinking about going back to.  I haven’t totally decided, but I admit that micro 4/3 cameras and lenses are looking more appealing to me.

Another connection that just dawned on me, my blog is mostly a visual journal of what I see and do, especially relative to photography.  I might expand on that theme with an iPhone camera