It was 40 degrees F. and windy, but I felt like I needed a walk, so yesterday I walked down to the pond and made these pictures; but, I didn’t stay out long due to the wind.  I hate wind, especially cold wind!  This morning it was 19 degrees F. according to my thermometer when I walked down to the pond with Misty, but at least it wasn’t windy.

I used the E-PL7 and the 14 – 42 mm EZ lens to make these pictures.  Each of these were taken at 42 mm and then cropped a little.  Just for my records … an Olympus 45 mm lens would have been a perfect focal length for these pictures, but the 45 mm lens is also longer than the EZ zoom when it is collapsed and it wouldn’t fit in my pocket as well.  Those are strikes against the sharper 45 mm prime lens.  I’m now thinking about other lenses I might best use if I keep the E-PL7 since that has a bearing on whether I keep the camera.