Round 1: Olympus better than Fujifilm

I have been trying an Olympus E-M10 with the Olympus 75 – 300 mm lens to see if it would enable me to get longer focal length images with reasonable image quality than I can get with my Fujifilm long focal length setup.  Since I have the Fujifilm X-T1 with the Fuji 50 – 230 mm lens, I decided that I would compare similar images taken with both cameras in the same manner that I tend to take pictures.  I chose to do this comparison at an ISO of 6400 in lower light since I was concerned about noise using the E-M10 with the smaller micro 4/3 sensor.  I also chose the longest focal length that I could get with my Fuji lens (230 mm).  The focal length for the E-M10 was 171 mm, which gave me a close comparison.  Both raw images are shown below as processed in LR using the Adobe standard settings for each system.

The first image is from the E-M10, second (your right) is from the X-T1.  As you will note there are slight differences in exposure and color balance.  Both images were taken in program mode.  The X-T1 chose ISO 6400, f/6.7, and 1/20 sec.  The E-M10 chose ISO 6400, f/5.9, and 1/25 sec.  Both images were taken handheld.

The following set are the same two images with the color balance chosen for each using the LR eyedropper and with the exposure of the X-T1 image (on your right) increased by +.75

The following set are crops from the last two images.  The first is from the E-M10 and the second from the X-T1.  The images have different aspect ratios so they aren’t quite the same but are close enough to see any differences.  Please note that no noise reduction was applied to either image!

I will continue with my evaluation of the Olympus E-M10, but so far I am quite pleased with it.  Considering that the E-M10 and lens weighs 100 g less than the X-T1 and lens, and that the Olympus lens focal length was 171 mm but that it goes on out to 300 mm, in my opinion the Olympus micro 4/3 setup is better than the Fuji setup for my long focal length use.


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