My Focus


It was raining when I wrote this and there wasn’t much to do but think about where to go, or if there was anywhere to go, with my photography.  While I do look at, and try, new or different cameras and lenses, my primary focus, and problem, is what to photograph.  I try, and dream about other cameras and lenses with the hope to expand my photographic opportunities.

Life would be a lot simpler and easier if I had a single objective to accomplish with my photography; i.e. if I could speak with one voice.  For example, I could concentrate on the life of the aging.  I live in a retirement community where the average age is probably in the low to mid eighties.  Such an environment is rich with opportunities with interesting stories, people, and issues that are important to society at large.  But I don’t, can’t, photograph it because of privacy issues.

When I first moved here I also noticed that we had wildlife and I thought I could just photograph it; but, I have noticed over the last four years that the wildlife have diminished.  To a large extent this is due to the continual “refinement” of our landscaping; i.e. the cutting down and pruning back of the natural plant life and its replacement with ornamental plants and trees.  This is a trend that applies to all of the surrounding area as it is converted from farms to residential plots.

Another potential area of focus that I have considered photographing is the Borough and surrounding area of Hanover; but, that also has its problems.  One, this area has a large number of people who have a deep Germanic ancestry and customs.  One of their characteristics is an intense desire for privacy.  Another factor is a growing concern nationwide against being photographed, even in public places.  The third major factor is that we don’t have large public areas where people are out walking so classic street photography is very limited.  People drive everywhere.

All of the above concerns have vexed me as I try to continue to make pictures.  The more I look at different cameras and lenses the more I realize that the return on investment, in terms of more photographic opportunities, is also going down.  All of the above issues point to fewer opportunities for me to pursue my hobby.