Never Long Enough

On Sunday the temperature was up in the low 60s when I took my Olympus E-M10 camera with the Olympus 75-300 mm lens for a walk.  All but one of these pictures were taken at the 300 mm end of the zoom lens. My practice has been to take a picture of any wildlife as soon as I see it and then continue to take pictures as I slowly try to get closer.  As you can see the hawk flew just as I was taking another picture of it.  I still had to crop-zoom all of these pictures.  I wish I had a longer focal length auto-focusing prime lens.  I never seem to have a long enough lens.

Did you see the frog under the water?  When I started across the bridge it jumped into the water and laid on the bottom.  I initially had a hard time finding it.  I was also glad to see the redwing blackbirds back but I’m concerned about where they are going to nest since the grounds crew cut their field down this year.  The two geese have been spending a lot of time in one particular spot on the shore.  I hope they don’t think they have found a nesting spot.  If so, they picked a bad location that is too near the sidewalk that the dog walkers use.

I am satisfied with my long focal length setup for walking about, even though I could always use a longer lens; but I plan on using it a little differently this year.  I am going to try to get closer images of birds, etc. by picking different areas and then sitting down with a monopod and waiting for the wildlife to come to me.  I hope that by using my camera this way, in addition to walking about, that I can increase the number of good images.


  1. ax58

    Hi John, I am not an Olympus user (at the moment). But wondered if you had evaluated the tele-converters that they have?
    I am looking at a smaller lighter setup from my current Nikon, due to some thumb arthritis. The Olympus om-d em10 is looking promising.
    Cheers Andy