Low Light Photography with an iPhone 6


It was so dark that I assumed that my camera wasn’t going to get much but noise when I used it to make the above test image.  The camera I used was the iPhone 6.  It is continuing to amaze me with what can be accomplished when only using the embedded features.  I have not tried any additional apps, and based on what I have seen to be possible, I doubt that I will for most pictures; but I have some possible uses for it that would require one of the apps.

If you use your phone to take pictures under similar conditions, there are a few things to remember.  One, the sensor is small and it will easily blowout highlights.  It is better to expose for the highlights and then recover the shadows in LR.  The second thing is that the shutter speed will be low and any subject motion will be blurred … such as the lady walking.  The ISO for this image was 1000, and the shutter speed was 1/15 sec.  I also handheld the camera.  The only post processing that I did in LR was to crop the image, decrease the highlights, and boost the shadows a little.

I am still experimenting with using the iPhone 6 camera.  One thing I find is that I tend to punch the shutter button and hold it down so long that I get multiple pictures.  I have found that it is awkward to hold the iPhone as a camera.  One thing that I think will help is to use the volume control to take the picture rather than the screen button.  It is just a case of me not having enough practice using a phone to take pictures.  Practice will help and I am getting better.  The best thing of all is that it is easy to always have it with me … well at least in the winter when I have a shirt or jacket phone pocket.  I haven’t tried carrying it in a jeans pocket while wearing a tee shirt with no pocket.