Story behind the Picture


I was sitting in a local Pub on the square of Hanover, PA last evening with two friends when I looked up and noticed this image; but it takes some explanation.  First, I’ll set the scene.  I only had my iPhone 6 to use as a camera and I was capturing a few test scenes looking out the front window, and at our table.  Please note that the iPhone 6 has a small but mighty little camera that can handle a wide range of situations.

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The last picture in the above sequence shows not only the outdoor scene across the square, but also lots of reflections of the inside of the pub including two gentleman sitting upstairs behind me.  Look closely in the center of the picture.  I then cropped out the center portion and resized the image using LR and ON1 software to get what turned out to be my best picture of the evening … the first one at the top of this post.