160307-173902-16JEH-EditWe are undergoing some changes in our weather.  For once we are getting a taste of the coming spring and summer with the high temperatures this week getting up into the 70s; but the mornings are still cold with temperatures in the 30s.

I am still fine-tuning my thoughts relative to what changes I wish to make with my photography.  With respect to cameras, I had to return the Olympus E-M10.  I loved the camera and the images I could make with it but I had an increasingly difficult time changing the lenses.  The mount was quite tight and I could only, with great difficulty, put the Panasonic 20 mm lens on and off.  With the combination of the tight mount, the small grip area, and my arthritic hands, it was too difficult to deal with on a frequent basis.  With a little research on the web I discovered that this problem wasn’t uniquely mine.  It appears that many of the E-M10 cameras have tight mounts, so I returned the camera; but, I haven’t changed my mind about the micro 4/3 system.

I have ordered an Olympus E-M5 II camera.  It should arrive later today.  Reviews on the web indicate that it doesn’t have the tight mount problem.  I will see.  The E-M5 II has advantages over the E-M10 in that it is weather resistant and built to tighter specifications; i.e. it should be of higher quality.  I haven’t sold off the Fujifilm gear (yet?), so I used it to make the above image.

I haven’t decided on what other aspects of my photography to change.  I am still thinking about additional styles and subjects in order to expand into other types, etc.  As time goes on I will be experimenting.  This picture includes some changes.  What you see isn’t what you would have seen with your naked eye.  The one thing I am sure of is that I need to make more images, but within our local limited area.  Due to limited subject material this will require me to alter how I see the world around me.

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