These images were made on two different days with two different cameras, and two different lenses.  When you click on an image to view them in slideshow mode you can look below the pictures on the right to see what was used for each.

I have been experimenting and thinking about what to use for my flower pictures.  These crocuses are small and thus made good subjects to practice on.   I first tried my Olympus 75 – 300 mm lens since that has been my walk-a-bout lens for other subjects, but it doesn’t do well for small flowers since it doesn’t focus close enough.  That means, for now, that I have to use either my iPhone 6 or my Panasonic 20 mm lens on my Olympus E-M5 II; but I am going to get another lens that might be more suited.  The problem is that I haven’t decided which lens to get, so I decided to start with an inexpensive one, the Sigma 60 mm.  It has been ordered.