The past week the weather flipped to above normal temperatures.  It almost felt like spring had sprung, especially as we also shifted our clocks ahead one hour.  It is that time of year when it is sometimes hotter out than in, and hotter in than out.  By that I mean that it feels hotter out in the sun even though the air temperature is hotter inside than out.  I find that I wear a sweatshirt in the house while sitting and take it off when I go out for a walk.  But lately, we have had rain … soon lots of flowers.

Hopefully the above are the last pictures of snow that I make until late next fall.  I made them during the last snow.  They are somewhat abstract in nature.  Note that the second looks almost like it was taken high above the earth looking down through the clouds.  I like making pictures that others wouldn’t, and ones that make you scratch your head and make you think why, and what is it.  No, I haven’t flipped but I am striving to make different images after having photographed almost everything close at hand.