Ever Changing


I get tired of making the same images of the limited things I see where I live, so I have been exploring ways to create different views of scenes around me.  One technique I have been considering is creating artistic collages of details; but the above isn’t one of them.  The above is a naturally occurring scene that I made with an effective field of view of a 600 mm lens while standing outside my front door.  The long lens enabled me to collapse various elements into one image even though they are spatially distributed over a long narrow area.

I would like to go out at night and look for more scenes like this, but I have been waiting on warm weather.  Yes, I will have other problems then.  Notice all of the trees in the above image.  When warm weather arrives, the leaves will come out and I will not be able to see this scene.

My experiences of mostly photographing in one area along with my attempts to see, and show, views differently, have led to my photography being eclectic; i.e. I don’t have one style.  Do I like that?  Yes, and No.  From a photographical perspective, I don’t like that and I would prefer to concentrate on and perfect one style.  From a technical perspective, I prefer to experiment and try any and all ways that enable me to continue making images from within a small area around where I live.

While I have hoped to narrow my photographic perspective to one style, I doubt that will happen.  There was a reason why I chose the title of my blog.  I see life as a continual ever changing evolution, so why shouldn’t I make images that are ever changing?  Since I retired and moved here, my challenge has been to continually show others what they don’t see or missed, and to be creative in how I acquire and present my views.

There is another question, “What is the purpose of my blog?”  My purpose for blogging is to visually record and display my ever changing views of life around me.  This results in “so-so images” taken on a frequent basis of the weather and whatever I happen to see as I walk or drive about with a camera, with a few better images distributed throughout over time. It truly is a journal of my photographic view of life. Those who follow my blog “get what they get when they get it.”

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  1. ax58

    John, your words “…in showing others what they don’t see or missed”, struck me on several levels. Generally speaking we are oblivious to our day to day surroundings. By exercising your awareness through the lens, you gain something and give something. Whether others see what you give, will depend on the receiver(viewer).
    For me, each captured moment expresses the beauty that is around us and had inspired me not only to look but also to pick up my camera. Many thanks.