Bipolar Perspective


When it comes to which lenses I use the most, I am bipolar.  If I am out photographing with a zoom lens I tend to almost always just use the extremes, the widest and longest focal lengths.  With the Olympus 75 – 300 mm lens I probably use it at 300 mm 90 percent of the time.

If I am not using a zoom lens I tend to use a wide or normal prime lens.  I used the Panasonic 14 mm lens to get the above image.  That meant that I was using it very close to the minimum focus distance; i.e. was up close.

I have difficulty sometimes deciding which lens to use.  Since it is very windy around where I live I don’t change my lens when I’m out walking.  That means that I need to decide how I’m going to photograph before I go out and that I’m locked into that mode regardless of what I see while out walking, but that usually isn’t a problem since I only look for what is appropriate for the lens I have on the camera.

The only way to circumvent the issue of not changing lenses outside is to take two cameras with different lenses.  I tend to prefer this mode if I am not having a problem carrying two cameras.  I prefer this approach rather than having one zoom lens that goes from wide to long since those zoom lenses are either not very good or are very expensive and heavy.

In the near future I hope to use two cameras with different lenses to take some pictures so that I can examine the differences in perspective more closely.  I think I know the answer and that it won’t change my interest in the different perspectives of long focal lengths vs. wide ones; but it might help me better understand how to use each lens.

I do not own a “normal” zoom lens since most of my photography where I need a normal-to-wide focal length requires wide apertures due to lighting conditions inside the Homewood buildings.  In the past the only time that I used a normal zoom was when traveling outdoors and even then I often didn’t use them since I needed to travel light with a smallish camera-lens combination, so I used prime lenses.

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