What Is It?


It makes no difference.  It is whatever it is and I photograph “things” for the fun of it.  The above is one of my test shots that I made while checking out my latest lens.  Those who have followed my blog over many years will note that I have gone back to my old practices.  I just got an Olympus 40 – 150 mm F4-5.6 lens.  In my earlier years I used this lens a lot and since I no longer own the lens I bought another one.

I had another conversation with a person yesterday about the fact that they don’t like pictures unless they have people in them.  The discussion continued as I explained that I don’t do much of that anymore since many people don’t like having their pictures on the web and I don’t feel like going to the trouble of getting releases from them.  For those reasons, as well as others, I have more fun making images from scenes that most others wouldn’t photograph, or at least like I do.  Since I went back to micro 4/3 cameras I have been experimenting with the best focal lengths for my fun images and I think that it is between 40 and 150 mm and that is why I got another copy of this lens.

When I am photographing for myself, which is most of the time, I prefer photographing colors and light with interesting shadows and/or reflections.  The actual subject being photographed isn’t as important.  If things work out as I hope, I will be making more abstract images and interspersing them in between my posts of flowers, mini-landscapes, etc.