Lesson Learned: Viewfinder Needed


I have finally decided that from now on a viewfinder is a necessity on my cameras if I use them outdoors in sunlight.  I have had trouble seeing my LCDs to compose in the past, but brushed it off thinking that the better LCDs of newer cameras wouldn’t be a problem.  I sold several cameras that didn’t have viewfinders and then later bought others.  Well, no more.  It is very clear to me now.  My aging eyes take too long to adjust to changing light conditions and they don’t see well with glare on LCDs.  The problem isn’t cataracts since I had artificial lenses put in both eyes long ago.  I’m just not as young as I use to be.

I will use my E-M5 II outdoors in sunlight and only use my Pen E-P5 indoors or when it isn’t bright outside … like at night.  My E-P5 and my TG-4 are probably my last cameras without a viewfinder.  The only exceptions will be if they make significant improvements in the LCD or I need a specialty camera for photographing out of the sun.  From now on if I buy anymore cameras, a viewfinder will be a primary consideration.

Since I am now using my E-M5 II with the electronic viewfinder (EVF), I turned off the LCD to help save power and to have it stop switching on and off every time I use the EVF.  I have even turned the LCD over so that I don’t have to worry about scratching it.  I can turn it back on when I need to use the articulated LCD down low if the sun isn’t shining on it.