Ancestral Migration Route


Next week I will be meeting my brother in Virginia for a few days.  My brother’s hobby is studying and following our ancestors and the migration routes they used to go to central West Virginia.  On this trip we will be going to the Cowpasture River area in Virginia where some of the ancestors of my mother’s mother’s family lived and migrated through in the mid 1700s.  The chart above is my brother’s listing of those particular few family members; i.e., some of our great, great, great, great, great grandparents.

While I doubt that I will take many pictures, I have been thinking about which camera and lens to take.  I don’t like to travel with much but since I’m driving I have plenty of room.  The problem is that I still have to consider the weight since whatever I take will still have to be taken in and out of the car whenever we stop.  Normally my travel preference is one camera which is small and light, i.e. had no viewfinder, with one or two prime lenses, but not this time.

This time I plan to take the E-M5 II and a new zoom lens.  I just received a Panasonic 12-35 mm F2.8 zoom lens.  Lately I have been photographing with two longer zoom lenses, the Olympus 40-150 mm and the Olympus 75-300 mm lenses, but for this drive I will take the Panasonic 12-35 mm zoom lens.  For backup, in case the 12-35 mm lens doesn’t work or if I need something smaller and lighter, I will throw the Panasonic 20 mm lens in a small bag.