My Rainy Day

Yesterday was a rainy day.  I visited both of our stores before nine so that I could check some of the supplies and place an order.  When I started it was only occasionally sprinkling and I made the two pictures of the ducks.  I only had a 14 mm lens on my Olympus E-P5 in my jacket pocket so I had to do some crop-zooming to get these images.  By the time I got back to my car it had started raining as you can see looking through the windshield.

Later in the afternoon during a lull between rains and errands I took the following picture just for the fun of it at a 12 mm focal length.  Our furnace had quit working and Ivan had just fixed it and I was getting ready to put the car back into the garage.


As I post this today, it is still raining and cool (47 degrees F.), and our furnace is out again.  I guess Ivan didn’t fix it, so I’m waiting for someone to come back and get it going again to take the chill off the air.