Small Sensor P&S Camera Possibilities

It is no secret that I don’t like larger, heavier cameras and that my last downsize in cameras was to micro 4/3 sensor cameras and lenses.  I have back and hand issues which keep driving me to lighter systems.  If I continue obtaining smaller cameras and lenses my next move might be to try a one-inch sensor camera with a fixed zoom lens.  In the past I have found many systems to have insufficient image quality but lately I have been thinking about how much image quality is sufficient, or is it even important.

The above images are part of my latest tests while rethinking what I will be doing with my photography in the future.  If you looked at the above images in the slideshow mode and if you scanned down to see the details, you should have noticed that I used my extremely small sensor, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, pocket Olympus TG-4 camera to make these pictures.  I used this camera to try again to see how well it did with some minor changes in how I processed them.  I took all of these as jpeg only files and then used Adobe LR to tweak them.  The big change in processing them is that I primarily used the dehaze slider on them.

These pictures were taken in a variety of situations:  through a car window, inside, up close, and to record a distant scene.  The last picture of the house with the dog looking through the window was taken from some distance at the full zoom, effective 100 mm focal length of the camera.  I then cropped the image a lot and resized it up to get this version.   My guess is that most of my local viewers will think that these are good enough, and I might agree with them as long as I am careful with how I use the camera and process the images.

My main thought relative to my photography is what am I going to photograph and why am I doing it.  In the recent past, most of my photography has been to try different cameras and techniques in processing them.  If I were to stop doing that, what would I do.  One idea that I have had, other than continuing my occasional photography of events here for Homewood, is to just photograph what I see and do, even if it isn’t much.  If I do that, will the TG-4 or a camera with a one-inch sensor be sufficient?  The answer is maybe yes.  The answer is dependent on the purpose of my photography and whether or not the story is more important than pixel peeping.  It is also dependent on whether it is more important to continue making pictures with a small pocket camera or to carry a much larger and heavier camera less often and make fewer pictures.