Good Enough?

I keep thinking about getting a better pocket camera, but before I decide, I have been using the one I have … the Olympus TG-4.  I like the TG-4 because it is water and dust proof, has a zoom lens which is internal, i.e. doesn’t extend when zooming or focusing, and it all fits in a small pocket.  The only reason for getting something else is because of the small sensor in the camera.  Surely a larger sensor would have better image quality, especially if it also has a better lens.

But, is the TG-4 good enough?  As I have learned how to best use it, I have been getting closer to deciding that it is good enough and that another camera wouldn’t be of much value to me.  I especially like it for creating high contrast B&W images like the ones above.  I took these when I was walking Misty first thing in the morning.  The camera is sufficient for these kind of images, especially for photographing up close, even in lower light.