In Between

Years ago I took many pictures in between houses in Hanover.  I find them interesting and most people just driving by don’t notice them.  I took the two above while walking down a street a few days ago.  I’ll probably try and find more of them this year, but today I’m using these while I mention the latest round of my cycling back and forth between long and wide focal lengths and between processing types.

I have pretty much kept my two micro 4/3 cameras set up differently with respect to lenses.  I only use my zoom lenses on the E-M5 II due to the better handling, EVF, etc.  My problem is that I never really liked carrying cameras with longer, heavy zoom lenses.  First they are heavier and have bothered my back and hands, second they are not discreet and people notice them, and third I like the look and feel of “rangefinder” style cameras with short lenses better.

The above factors have caused me to switch back and forth between using prime lenses and longer zoom lenses, as well as different cameras.  I get tired of using the longer zoom lenses and switch to prime lens.  I then feel that I am missing opportunities for photographs and I switch back.  In many ways I am a bipolar photographer, but rarely do I switch daily. It takes me time to adjust and see and find images for different focal lengths so I tend to photograph with one setup for periods of time.

At the moment I am trying to bridge the gap and see if I can find one or two focal lengths that will work best for me.  I am also considering keeping different focal length prime lenses on each camera if I can forego the longer focal lengths.  I gave up long zoom lenses once before and mostly photographed with prime lenses when I had a different camera; but, I then switched to micro 4/3 cameras in order to be able to use longer zoom focal length lenses that were smaller and lighter.  Now I’m not sure about that addition of longer zoom lenses.  It didn’t increase my photography opportunities as much as I hoped so I have been dithering again.

I will keep all of my longer zoom lenses, but I will also try just photographing with shorter focal length prime lenses for a while and see how it goes. If I could, I would like to become a single prime lens photographer and only use my 12-35 mm F2.8 zoom lens for my photography of events here at Homewood.  In the meanwhile, I will remain ready to jump in either direction depending on how things go; but, I might start taking fewer pictures and blogging less if necessary if it means only using prime lenses.