Photography with a Small Sensor

I am still learning.  I’m learning what I can photograph with a small 1/ 2.3 sensor like I have in my Olympus TG-4 camera.  The above are examples.  The photo of the mushroom was made using the macro setting and I was up close.  The clouds were made using the program mode and photographed at a distance.  The hand was made through a window at the effective 100 mm zoom, cropped a lot, and then up-sized to make this image.  The image of the hand is an example of a bit too far … not good.

What I have learned is that I can make images with it if I keep the ISO setting at 100 or 200 and then only photograph stationary objects while holding the camera very still and don’t attempt to crop them too far.  The image of the hand has me wondering about several things, but mainly about a longer zoom lens.  I have ordered a Canon PowerShot SX720 which has a zoom that goes out to an effective 720 mm.  I hope to be trying it in a few days and seeing how much detail I can obtain at long distances.  If it is OK, I will have a pocket camera that can reach out further.