Using a Pocket Camera to Create a Visual Diary

One good use I have found for a small pocket camera is to create a visual diary, if one were of a mind to do so.  I tried it while waiting for a front to come through (see earlier post).  I used my TG-4 to make the following images as an example.  The first is of the clouds and the second is of what radar was showing as the storm approached.  I made the radar image from what I was seeing on my iPad as I sat in my lounge chair while reading.

I was reading two books.  One was a paperback called Camera Lucida.  As you can see the TG-4 did a good job of capturing the text.

The last image below is of a page from a novel I was reading on my iPad.  You can see that the camera also captured that text just fine.


Since I rename all of my pictures when I download them from the camera to my computer with the date and time the images were taken, the pictures in my computer are a good indicator of what I was doing and seeing at that time; i.e. a visual journal.